Dj Van Damme (John) was born and raised in Giannitsa, a Greek city. Fascinated by music from an early age and being self-taught, he had his first contact with music while he was working as a DJ in a nightclub of his city at the age of 15 .

His first attempts involve parties (R & B – Hip Hop), as this is the kind of music that he admires. .At the age of 17,he started hosting parties in various clubs and at the age 19, he participated in the first big party of the Club Mea Nox, playing R & B rhythms and other music options.

His encounters with famous artists such as Dj Pritani (Imiskoubria), Nikos Vourliotis (Going Through), Dj Earth – El Zeraw, former band members of “Tang Ram” and “Vegas” (currently) have led to expand his horizons. He created his first Greek song with his own lyrics and music for a Going Through competition in 2006, entitled “An idea crossed my mind,” in Hip Hop Style in the Studio Cartel of John Karma (Eurovision 2002 with the Greek singer Michalis Rakintzis).

His itinerary goes on in other cities,as well. In 2007, he moved in the city of Serres where he has been working since then. He has become well-known and this allows him to participate in various events and parties.

Some places where he has mixed as a Resident DJ:

Sea Side Beach Bar (Ofryniou Range 2007)
Molly Mallones (Bar Street Kos 2008)
Skandinavian Bar (Mykonos 2009-2010)
Agyra Bar (Mykonos 2013)
Cammeo Café Bar (Serres)
Anax Club (Nigrita Serres)
Havana Club (Beach Ofryniou)
Meli – Gala (Serres)
Oxygen (Serres)
New (Rodolivos Serres)
Remezzo Bar (Serres)
Celebrities Bar Mykonos (Mykonos 2014)
Jackie’o Beach Bar (Mykonos 2015)
Toy Room (Mykonos 2015)
Vicollo Bar (Mykonos 2015)
Mykonos Bar (Mykonos 2016)
Nozomi Marsa Malaz Kempinski (Doha Qatar 2017)

Box Athens (2016-2017)

L1V The Club (Serres 2017)

My Club (Giannitsa 2017)

Galleraki (Mykonos 2018)

Sunset Bar (Mykonos 2018)

Opa Dubai (Dubai 2019)

As a guest DJ:

Edem (Giannitsa)
Heron (Giannitsa)
Mobil (Giannitsa)
People (Giannitsa)
Havra (Giannitsa)
Plaza (Giannitsa)
Princess Club (Giannitsa)
My Club (Giannitsa)
Village Café Bar (Serres)
Milo Café Bar (Serres)
Mistral Bar (Serres)
Baraki (Nigrita SERRON)
Gallery Bar (Drama)
Villa Mercedes (Serres)
Blender Café Bar (Serres)
Cuba Cafe Bar (Serres)
Prison Club (Serres)
Avant Garde (Nigrita Serres)
Sushi Bar (Pefkohori)
Yabeeraki Beach Bar (Beach Ofryniou)
Calderon Bar (Thessaloniki)
Piazza Bar (Serres)
Mojito Beach Bar (Mykonos)
COOH Club (Mykonos)
Veranda Bar (Mykonos Little Venice)
Super Paradise (Mykonos)
Blu Lounge (Paros)
Rebel Bar Beach (Paros)
Santana Beach Club (Naxos)
Louna Club (Serres)
Piatsa Bar (Paros)
El Gato Negro (Alexandroupoli)
Club Mistyc (Skopia)
La Costa Beach Bar (Touzla)
Exis Club (Ibira Serres)
Apothiki Bar (Rodopoli Serres)
Nozomi Marsa Maraz Kempinski Hotel (Doha Qatar)

Negrita Mykonos

Mykonos Blue Grecotel Resort (Mykonos)

Aperanto Calazio (Mykonos)


But he didn’t stop there …. In 2008, he accepted a proposal to go to Holland and mix in the Escape Club, a very popular club of Amsterdam.

In 2009, his encounters led him to Barcelona in a rented space for parties / events(capacity 5000 people).
He has worked with Mellises, Playmen, Tamta, Shaya, Otherview, The Rook, Ominus, Dj S Stathis (Going Through), Agent Greg, T.O, Dj Earth, Akis Neels, Vasilis Kanakis, Dj Argie (Tropicana – Cavo Paradiso Mykonos) Dj Young, Konnie Metaxa, Animado, Noraj Cue (Alkmaar in Holland) Raul Del Meira (Amsterdam) and other artists.